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Friday, February 27, 2015

Obama’s Rules for Revolution

You should know the name Saul Alinsky. Born in Chicago in 1909, he devoted his whole life to defeating the capitalist system and Western Civilization. Alinsky and his followers want to replace our economy and system of government with their Communist, so-called utopian society. Of course, that system has proven a failure time and time again.

Alinsky taught his followers to pretend they were working within the system, but only long enough to get the power they need to destroy the capitalist system. He promoted deception as a weapon. So masterful was Alinsky at this deception that even today, Alinskyites are completely blind to the tremendous opportunity for social and economic upward mobility in America, and instead they are determined to destroy the American way of life. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both trained in Saul Alinsky tactics. Obama not only followed Alinsky’s tactics, but taught Alinsky-method workshops for years. Hillary Clinton interviewed Saul Alinsky, wrote a 92-page thesis on his tactics, and was actually offered a job with his training institute.

David Horowitz brilliantly illustrates how the liberal ideal is always a failure. The left has tried several times over the years to institute these types of policies. They desperately tried to build a “welfare utopia” as a part of President Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society,” but in the process they destroyed the inner city black family, left millions of black children fatherless, and created tremendous poverty. President Obama declared he wanted to “fundamentally transform America” and we are in the middle of that battle at this very moment. The truth is that the leftists who will say or do anything to create their perfect socialist world are really trying to destroy the best the world has to offer – our great America nation.

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