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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Still Seeking A Choice Not An Echo

Many people are starting to realize that my 50th anniversary edition of A Choice Not An Echo is a very new book that reveals the power and shenanigans of the people we used to call the kingmakers or Rockefeller Republicans and now we call the Establishment or the RINOs. (RINO is an acronym standing for Republicans in Name Only.) They are the big-donor types who already met just last year in New York City to select the candidate they want to nominate for President on the Republican ticket. In attendance were Jeb Bush, Chris Christy and Mitt Romney, but the kingmakers made it clear they do not want to divide their big money in 2016; they want to concentrate their money on one candidate. Considering the torrent of free publicity that has suddenly appeared in the media, it appears that the RINOs who think of themselves as the modern kingmakers, have settled on Jeb Bush as their favorite.

One writer who has written about the importance of my book, A Choice Not An Echo, is Norman Singleton. After describing the significance of my original book of that same name in building the conservative movement and in nominating Ronald Reagan in 1980, who became the greatest President of the 20th century, Singleton writes that my book is a “must-read,” not only for “anyone interested in learning the history of the battles between the grassroots and the establishment,” but especially for those who want to learn “how the grassroots can beat the Establishment’s candidate again.” He points out that my book would make “a wonderful gift for your favorite young liberty activists.” As Patrick Henry famously said, “I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.” There is nowhere other than A Choice Not An Echo that you can read the true history of how the big-money kingmakers have so often manipulated and controlled the selection of the Republican nominee for President.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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