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Friday, February 20, 2015

The High Cost of Accepting Illegal Children

Most of us have heard about the illegal entry into our country of busloads of what are usually referred to as unaccompanied minors. Most of them have been bused from Central and South America. So it’s obvious that these kids didn’t just hitch a ride on a bus passing through their country. The whole process was well organized to dump on us a bunch of children, from babies to tough teenagers. It’s time we discuss the high cost to American taxpayers of allowing Obama to bring in millions of illegal alien children. Because of an unfortunate Supreme Court decision years ago, we are compelled to allow these kids to enter our public schools, and the Washington, DC school system is straining under the tremendous cost of accepting these children. The influx of 50,000 children across our southern border is burdening school budgets all over our nation. Most of the kids need specialized English language programs. The illegal kids are usually eligible to be on free or reduced-lunch programs, and of course medical care if needed.

These children didn’t make the trip north to the United States on their own. This was an organized invasion. I think border patrol should have intercepted these kids and sent them back to their own parents in their own country. Many of these kids come from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador where the media have encouraged this phenomenon with news coverage that promotes crossing the border illegally. Although the U.S. media indicates it is young children coming in, CNS News reported that 80% of these kids now housed at Lackland Air Force base in Texas are male, 83% are over age 14, and some of them are tough and have a gang mentality.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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