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Friday, February 06, 2015

The Nominee is Not Yet Decided

The website called Politico reports that closed-door events have already been held for Republican mega donors to select who will get the big money in 2016. It seems as though every newspaper I pick up has an article assuming that Jeb Bush will be the next Republican nominee for President because the big donors have made up their minds. And this seems to have the approval of the Media, which is already excited about this choice.

Don’t be so sure that the nominee is already decided. Republican Delegates who are supposed to choose the nominee won’t meet until they go to Cleveland, Ohio for a national Convention in 2016. It’s true that they already had their secret meeting in a fancy New York apartment. They seem to believe in the British doctrine of primogeniture, which I thought we had kicked out of our political system when we defeated the British in the American Revolution. Primogeniture means that when the senior guy, or the eldest son, dies, all property, money, titles, honors, and other goodies that he enjoyed are inherited by the next man in line. That’s why Bush I was succeeded by the next man in line, Bush II. Even the Democrats seem to like this custom; hence many Democrats are trying to have Hillary succeed Bill Clinton.

Sometimes, a man gets the next-in-line rank just because he ran in the previous election. Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney became the nominees because they had run for President in the preceding election and therefore were awarded next-in-line status.

Primogeniture is an un-American concept. If enough people read my book A Choice Not An Echo, the grassroots Delegates at the Republican Convention in 2016 will be able to nominate a man who is truly a choice, not an echo of the Establishment.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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