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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Two-Income Trap

For many years, feminists have complained that they are short-changed in life by the patriarchy because their childcare and household duties prevent them from pursuing an exciting career in the labor force. Feminists try to get husbands to perform half the housework and childcare, and want the government to force employers to end the work day for both men and women at 5:00 pm so women can achieve the balance they seek. And of course, the feminists demand government-paid daycare for all children while their mothers are in supposedly working in more exciting careers. Feminists are usually true-believers in the foolishness of the founder of feminism, Betty Friedan, who famously said that care for babies is a demeaning occupation for an educated woman.

Best-selling author and Fox News contributor Suzanne Venker has just released a new book that deals with these questions called The Two-Income Trap. The subtitle reveals the message of the book: “Why Parents Are Choosing to Stay Home.” Mrs. Venker argues that women can have most of what they want over the course of their lives, but not if they follow the feminist script. Women need to adjust their expectations and accept the fact that when we choose to have children, we choose a life of tradeoffs. The secret is to accept that a woman’s choice to have children means curbing her professional ambitions for a few years. Women who insist on doing everything at once are proving nothing except an allegiance to a dying movement. The era of “I am woman; hear me roar” is over.

It’s time for a new view of work and family. We should value childrearing for the awesome task it is. For most people, our personal life, not our professional life, determines how happy we are.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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