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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tribute to a Star

America is the loser that Michele Bachmann isn’t part of the new Congress that convened this year. She retired rather than run for another term. She will be missed because she was and is a star. She has no equal in articulating conservative values and getting the better of the leftist interrogators. The powers-that-be wouldn’t give her any good committee assignments, or even the Education Committee for which she was eminently qualified by her previous work as a Minnesota state legislator. Instead they put her on the House Intelligence Committee, thinking that would make her a duck out of water. But she rapidly became Congress’s most eloquent spokesman on Intelligence issues and could hold her own with any foreign or domestic adversary.

When Congress was battling Obamacare, she wanted to show the public disapproval and, during an interview on the Sean Hannity TV program, she invited the public to join her for a protest at the U.S. Capitol. Ten thousand people showed up. It’s doubtful that any other Member of Congress could have done that.

The liberals may hope Michele will fade quietly into the night, but that isn’t going to happen. She’s ready for a new career as conservative leader without any congressional restrictions to inhibit her. As she said, “I’m not done. I’m just going to change arenas.” She is eloquent on fiscal, social, and sovereignty issues.

When Bachmann ran for President in 2012, predicting that gasoline prices would fall to $2 a gallon, the hostile media ridiculed her. Now that gas prices have fallen to $2 a gallon, it’s obvious that she is smarter than all the commentators. Nobody is making fun of Bachmann’s prediction any more.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Ken Lockridge said...

We need more of Mrs. Bachmann, as well as Mrs. Fiorina and Mrs. Palin--and the like. They must pick up the mantle and carry it forward when you and Mrs. LaHaye retire. And then there's Ann Coulter :)

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