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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

What the American People Want From Congress

The American people elected a new Congress last November, and we expect to see some different bills and proposals. Alas, all we hear on the media is discussion about what the Democrats want. We hear about Obama’s demand for “comprehensive immigration reform” which really means big Amnesty and allowing Obama to admit and credential millions of illegal aliens. We hear about his demand for what is called “fast track,” which means giving him new power to make secret agreements with foreign countries and send more American jobs overseas. We hear about just a little tweaking of Obamacare, which will make it harder to totally repeal the hated Obamacare. We hear about the Chamber of Commerce demand that we admit thousands of new Guest Workers, both high-skilled and low-skilled, which will take jobs away from U.S. citizens. We hear about passing the Keystone Pipeline, which is a deal to send Canadian oil through the United States to the Gulf of Mexico and sell it to foreign markets. We hear about tax reduction for big companies that are now hiding their profits in foreign countries, but no talk about tax reduction for small business or individuals. We hear about “comprehensive” immigration, which means opening our borders to aliens even wider than they are open now.

All that is part of the leftwing agenda. Let’s hear talk about the Republican agenda. We want defeat of all UN treaties in order to protect American sovereignty. We want tax cuts for all Americans, not only for the 1%. We want Congress to build the fence on our southern borders. We want Congress to protect the traditional definition of marriage despite the mischief of supremacist judges. We want the defeat of Common Core. We want protection of American workers and the middle class.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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