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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

What To Ask Presidential Candidates

There are nearly a dozen eager politicians who are hoping to be the nominee for President or Vice President on the Republican ticket in 2016, and they are already traveling our country seeking your support. I urge you to be part of the process by attending those meetings and posing the questions you believe they should answer in order to get your support. Ronald Reagan said that God’s hand is on America. We have inherited a wonderful land of liberty and prosperity and it’s our duty to safeguard our magnificent heritage.

The Ronald Reagan model teaches that authentic conservatism and traditional-values coalitions are the road to political victory. Conservatives don’t have to settle for a liberal or a moderate masquerading as a conservative because the last election showed that conservatives have the majority to demand candidates with the right stuff. It’s in small informal meetings this year that you can identify the real conservatives and reject the “me-too” and globalist candidates.

Americans are seeking leaders who support a pro-American foreign policy and oppose foreign trade agreements that export American jobs. We want our government to build the fence that Congress voted for years ago but was never built. We want Congress to repeal Obamacare and to cut off the funding for Obama’s admission of illegal aliens who will cost U.S. taxpayers so much in public school and medical expenses. We want all our candidates to sign a pledge to oppose Common Core and to do what they can to stop Common Core in schools in their state. Common Core is one of the most unpopular schemes the big business class ever tried to foist on us. Don’t be bashful. Now is the time to speak up for genuine conservative values, especially in taxation and in education.

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