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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Who Are Getting U.S. Jobs?

President Obama is bragging that U.S. employment numbers are on the rebound and the U.S. has just added 320,000 new jobs. But labor statistics show that foreign-born workers account for all net gains in U.S. employment in the last seven years. A report by the Center for Immigration Studies found that one and a half million fewer U.S.-born workers are employed than prior to the 2007 recession. On the other hand, 2 million foreign-born workers, both legal and illegal, got jobs during the same period. President Obama’s plan is to allow more than 5 million new illegal aliens to get work permits, and that will make it even more difficult for native-born Americans to get jobs despite a working-age population growth of 11 million. The influx of foreign workers includes many college graduates, thereby forcing many American graduates, who are burdened with big college debt, to take lower-wage jobs that do not require a college degree. They will be stuck with lower wages for many years.

Media coverage of the illegal alien worker issue has overwhelmingly focused on employer preference for foreigners who are willing to work for lower wages. These foreign workers to whom Obama gives work permits threaten wages for lower-skilled Americans, especially black Americans. In 2014, Obama offered work permits to 50,000 Central American and to 110,000 Haitian migrants. Obama announced that he will increase the inflow of university guest workers for the same jobs hoped for by U.S. college graduates, even though we already have one million foreign university-trained guest workers working in a wide variety of jobs in universities, hospitals, finance firms, retail, and technology firms.

The impact of mass immigration on Americans’ jobs and wages should be a major issue in the 2016 election.

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