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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Immigrants Gain, Americans Lose

Working Americans are falling behind in today’s economy, and immigration is a big reason why. Business interests lobby Congress to accept more foreigners whom they call the “best and the brightest.” Senator Jeff Sessions’ new “Immigration Handbook” reveals the truth: the vast majority of the one million permanent immigrants admitted every year are unskilled workers. The United States also lets in 700,000 guest workers, 500,999 foreign students, and 70,000 refugees. The basic economics of supply and demand dictate the consequences. When workers outnumber jobs, wages go down. Median weekly earnings are lower today than they were in the year 2000. A flood of cheap labor has swept away the jobs that once supported Americans who had a high school education. Today, millions of U.S. born Americans are unemployed. Immigrants have received all net employment gains since the year 2000.

Immigrants take advantage of welfare, and they are enabled by the Obama administration. Federal law forbids the admission of immigrants who are likely to become a “public charge.” However, the bureaucrats don’t enforce that law; they actually promote government benefits to immigrants. Nothing stops immigrants from coming to this country to live off welfare benefits provided by U.S. taxpayers.

Immigration is supposed to serve the national interest, but today’s policies entrench the welfare state. Millions of able bodied Americans are out of work and drawing government benefits because they can’t find good jobs. Many foreigners arrive in this country and, instead of paying into the system, proceed to take out benefits. As a result, our Treasury goes deeper into debt, and the cycle of dependency on government continues. Those are the consequences of the policies pursued by special interests. Congress should heed Senator Sessions’ advice and pass immigration policies to promote jobs for working Americans.

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