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Friday, March 13, 2015

Silicon Valley Misleads on STEM

STEM is an acronym for “science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.” It is one of those buzzwords used by the elites instead of real thinking. STEM is often invoked as a magic word in the debate over immigration. Corporate CEOs plead with Congress that America will fall behind in science and technology unless we import more foreign high tech workers. Last year, Bill Gates wrote an op ed making this argument; but in the same week his old company, Microsoft, announced it would fire 18,000 workers.

The truth is that we already have more STEM workers than jobs, as Senator Jeff Sessions writes in his new “Immigration Handbook.” In fact, three out of four Americans who hold a STEM degree did not get a STEM job. Silicon Valley loves high tech workers from overseas because they are cheaper than American workers. Tech firms fire Americans and replace them with imported STEM workers in order to keep wages down. Wages in the tech industry have not gone up since 1998. Corporations also mislead when they complain about the low number of guest workers. They often cite the H 1B visa program, which is capped at 85,000. However, there are so many exemptions that last year, 263,000 H1-B visas were approved. Corporations know that more visas for foreign STEM workers who work for lower wages than Americans will expand corporate profits.

It is not surprising that the complaints of CEOs are welcomed by President Obama, who is always happy to let another law go unenforced. But too many Congressmen have fallen for the Silicon Valley “STEM Hoax,” as Senator Sessions calls it. This Congress has even been trying to increase H1 B visas. If Congress wants to rebuild the middle class in America, they can start by rejecting immigration advice from Chamber of Commerce lobbyists.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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