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Monday, March 30, 2015

The Truth About Reds in Hollywood

Finally a good book is available that thoroughly discredits the left-wing claim that there were no Communists in film-making during and after World War II. In fact, there were hundreds of Communists engaged in movie-making who were skillful at using movies to sell pro-Soviet propaganda. This is a long overdue book and we welcome it even at this late date. The author is Allan Ryskind, who grew up in Hollywood and whose father, Morrie Ryskind was a successful writer and a staunch anti- Communist.

Allan Ryskind exposes many lies that gained circulation by using the old technique of repeating the lie over and over again until it was widely believed. Here are some samples of the lies that were were told during the years when we fought Joseph Stalin and Communism. We were told that the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities uncovered very few Communists in Hollywood. But in fact, the Committee exposed nearly 300 Communists who were active in Hollywood. We were told that even if there were a few Communists in Hollywood, they were not important or influential. In fact, Communists held key positions in Hollywood studios and also in the actors’ unions. John Wayne, Walt Disney and Ayn Rand all expressed concern that “It looked as if Communists were in control of the industry.”

We were told that Hollywood writers were not subversives. In fact, nearly every script writer or actor appearing before the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities hid behind the Fifth Amendment when asked about his Communist affiliations and activities. We were told that Senator Joe McCarthy harassed innocent people in Hollywood. In fact, Senator McCarthy never investigated Hollywood and, as a Senator, he was never on the House Committee on UnAmerican Activities. I recommend this new book by Allan Ryskind if you want the truth about Hollywood and Communism during and after World War II.

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