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Thursday, April 02, 2015

School Rescinds Ban on ‘God Bless America’

At Yulee High School in Nassau County, Florida, it’s been the custom for students to read the morning announcements. One of these students would end his list of announcements by saying "God bless America, keep us safe." Two atheist students contacted the Humanist Association, and suddenly religious freedom was on the line. The Nassau County School Board’s first reaction was to ban the phrase "God bless America." But then the Board had the good sense to consult with its lawyers, who correctly said that the phrase "God bless America" does not violate the constitutional rights of other students. So the School Board reversed itself and Okayed the student’s use of the phrase "God bless America."

We can thank our friends in Don Wildmon’s American Family Association for getting involved in this controversy and backing up the student. American Family Association President Don Wildmon commented afterwards: "This is a wonderful lesson for the students about how a wrong can be made right."

It’s clear that religious freedom is under attack in so many ways at the present time, and I congratulate and thank all those who stand up for our First Amendment Rights. It’s obvious that the goal of the atheists is to chase all Christians inside their churches and prohibit any mention of God or Christianity or even religion in the public square, in any public place or event, or in any public school. The atheists don’t want young people to know that the phrase "God bless America" has permeated our history for hundreds of years.

How the attack on our religious freedom got started and became so widespread under the Obama Administration is well told in my book called "No Higher Power." You don’t hear much about this controversy in the Mainstream Media, but it’s eating away at our basic constitutional rights, and Americans should be alert to guard against it.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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