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Friday, May 01, 2015

Looking for the Next President

It seems so early, but eager candidates are already lining up to become the Republican nominee for President in the important elections of 2016. There has already been one showcasing in Iowa, and candidates are seeking opportunities to strut their stuff and show why they are different from and better than the others.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush realizes that he is on the wrong side of the hottest issue at the grassroots, which is Common Core, so he is trying to stress his “backbone” in continuing to support an unpopular issue, calling it one of his “core beliefs.” Governor Bobby Jindal, on the other hand, demonstrated his leadership by reversing his original support of Common Core after his own kid came home with incoherent math homework assigned by Common Core. The New York Times thinks it has already predicted the parties’ nominees. “Brace yourself for Hillary and Jeb” they wrote. Rush Limbaugh humorously suggested a Hillary-Jeb ticket since they agree on so many important issues, such as Common Core and amnesty. But the 2016 election isn’t any laughing matter; it could be the most important presidential election of our lifetime.

Will conservatives offer the American people a real choice, not an echo of the loser Republican nominees foisted on us by the little gang we used to call the kingmakers and now call RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)? I remember when one of the U.S. Senate’s all-time greatest orators, Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen, intoned against a kingmaker nominee: “We followed you before and you led us down the road to defeat.” The way the establishment kingmakers usually give us “me-too” candidates who just echo the policies of the liberals. We don’t want to nominate an echo of previous mistakes! We want a real choice like we got when we nominated and elected Ronald Reagan in 1989, and we can and must do it again.

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