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Monday, June 15, 2015

Changing the Definition of Marriage

Supporters of same-sex marriage say it’s an issue of freedom. They say they are being denied the right to live as they choose. But people in gay marriages aren’t the only ones affected by gay marriage. We should think more broadly about marriage in our society before we redefine this historic institution.

A group of one hundred scholars helped lay out the consequences of redefining marriage in an amicus brief sent to the U.S. Supreme Court. These scholars specialize in many different fields, but all of them agree that erasing men and women from the definition of marriage will affect many other people in addition to just gay couples. Permitting same-sex couples to wed will cut the tie between marriage and children. Getting married will be seen as merely one option among many for couples, instead of the ideal choice. Devaluing marriage from a unique lifelong bond to a simple partnership sends the signal that it’s really not important to get married or to stay married. That’s a bad signal to send as out-of-wedlock births are already so very high. Viewing marriage as a partnership puts the desires of adults above the interests of the whole family, including children, who are too often left out of the whole debate. Turning marriage into just a partnership, whether heterosexual or same-sex, results in children being more likely to be left without their biological parents in the picture. They won’t get the stability provided by a two-parent home with a mother and a father. As a result, those children are more likely to grow up in poverty and do poorly in school.

Children aren’t free to pick their parents, and that’s why laws protecting traditional marriage are so important. They encourage stable homes with a mother and a father. We shouldn’t forget the interest and welfare of children in all the chatter about the so-called freedom to marry. We hope the Supreme Court Justices remember that children need both a mother and a father.

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