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Friday, June 19, 2015

Government May Soon Suppress Religious Liberty

If the Supreme Court sweeps away state laws defending traditional marriage, that will also endanger religious liberty. A decision that says it’s unconstitutional for a state to define marriage as between one man and one woman will make that view off limits according to the government. Our First Amendment guarantees of free speech and the free exercise of religion won’t be able to stand up against this attack. We can be sure of this outcome because it’s already happening all over our country. The full weight of government is already being used to crush those who disagree with same-sex marriage.

It’s happening in our armed forces, where a Navy chaplain was denied promotion and might be dishonorably discharged. His offense was telling sailors who asked him that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman, just as his church teaches. It’s happening to our public servants, such as the veteran Atlanta fire chief who was fired for endorsing traditional Christian teachings on sexuality in a devotional book he wrote. It’s happening in our universities, where students have refused to support same-sex marriage in coursework and are denied their degrees. It’s even happening to our pastors, such as the “Houston Five” who’ve been subpoenaed to turn over any sermons dealing with gender identity and homosexuality. The machinery of government is already trying to suppress dissent on same-sex marriage. Agencies are writing employee manuals and training materials that don’t only encourage but actually require affirmation of gay, lesbian, and transgender lifestyles. In oral arguments before the Supreme Court, the Obama administration admitted that it might terminate tax exemption for organizations that don’t share its views on marriage.

Same-sex marriage is already eroding our protections for religious liberty. If the Supreme Court endorses the same-sex marriage revolution, religious liberty will surely suffer.

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