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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Religious Freedom Can't Survive Gay Marriage

A Supreme Court decision that strikes down state marriage laws wouldn’t just be a defeat for marriage. It would also limit our First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion. A group of religious organizations, speakers, and scholars made this point in an amicus brief sent to the Supreme Court in the marriage case. Their brief is an important reminder that same-sex marriage affects many people, not just gay couples.

Christians have expressed views that aren’t welcomed by powerful people since the very beginning. At the onset of Christianity, that meant preaching in opposition to the customs of Rome. Many believers met gruesome deaths because of their faithfulness. But whether a society accepts their views or not, Christians are still charged with preaching the Word, and that includes the truth about marriage. Our Founding Fathers recognized the dangers of religious persecution, so they guaranteed in the Bill of Rights that all Americans can freely exercise their faith. They view religious freedom as a natural right, essential to everyone’s full participation in our political process.

Religious freedom is now at risk. As the elites in politics and the media come out in favor of same-sex marriage, they try to silence different viewpoints. Defenders of traditional marriage don’t just face the wrath of the cultural powers-that-be, but now must also fight the overpowering weight of government. The First Amendment was adopted to prevent this from happening, and has always sheltered unpopular groups in our society. But a decision recognizing same-sex marriage would assist the efforts of those who want to silence supporters of traditional marriage. Our First Amendment guarantee of religious freedom would be no match for the same-sex marriage revolution. Supporters of same-sex marriage want to place this new right above all others, including the First Amendment freedom of speech we have always enjoyed.

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