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Monday, June 01, 2015

Requiring the Pledge of Allegiance in English

Students all over the United States begin each morning saying the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge is a simple way to encourage patriotism, and to unite everyone in a moment of recognition of our country. And soon, Missouri law could make sure that the pledge is recited in English. State Representative Shane Roden sponsored a bill to require students in public schools to recite the pledge once a day, and he specified that it must be done in English. To Roden, this is just common sense. Missouri amended its constitution in 2008 to make English the state’s official language. Why would the pledge be said in any other tongue?

Of course, some Democrats are saying that the bill is discriminatory, but it’s hard to take that objection seriously. For the big majority of students whose native language is English, the bill imposes no burden at all. For those who speak another language, reciting the pledge in English will help with the process of assimilation. After all, the nation we honor with the pledge can’t be separated from the English language. Our founding documents that spell out America’s principles are in English. It is the language used by our great statesmen in their speeches and by our great authors in their books. We are a nation with many different political and religious beliefs, but English has always been a tie that binds the United States.

The multicultural left may call it racist to promote English over other languages, but a nation with citizens who can’t speak to each other can’t be “one nation, indivisible,” as the pledge says. Speaking one language allows everyone to participate in the political process and also helps in business dealings. Learning English will clearly benefit the learner. The Missouri House of Representatives acknowledged this fact by requiring the students to recite the pledge in English, and hopefully it will soon be the law.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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