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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Restoring Religious Values to Schools

President Harry S. Truman was a famous liberal Democrat, but he also said, “The fundamental basis for this nation’s laws was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai.” Today’s liberals, however, are at the forefront of efforts to erase any mention of religion from the public square, especially in our schools and colleges. What changed in the years between Truman’s time and our own?

An author named David A. Norris has the answer. In his new book called Hope for America: Restoring Ageless Principles to Education, Norris shows how the secular left took control of public schools and educators. Schools once encouraged prayer and emphasized teachings such as the Ten Commandments. But in the 1960s, some studies claimed that American students were falling behind their peers in other countries. This provoked soul-searching in education, and social activists took advantage of the turmoil to attack traditional values and replace them with their own. They were aided in their task by supremacist judges who handed down rulings that forced all religion out of public schools.

Because of the secularists, many Americans send their children to schools that don’t share their values. David Norris doesn’t just describe how we came to be in this sorry situation; he offers some solutions. Citizens need to be engaged in running their schools. Candidates for school board should promise to hire administrators and teachers committed to “the traditional American family, human dignity, and civil community standards.” Teachers also need to take the lead. They should object to any curriculum that stirs up racial hatred or advances the feminist agenda. We don’t need teachers who promote leftwing nonsense about so-called “social justice,” which really means promoting making students feel they are victims. David Norris’ useful book is called Hope for America.

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