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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Andy Biggs – The Con of the Con-Con

Is a Constitutional Convention the answer to the political problems our nation faces? Our guest answers with an emphatic NO – and suggests that a Constitutional Convention could do more harm than good.

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Paul Adcock said...

I cannot see a reason NOT to use Article V now.

We already have a President going around Congress and to the UN.

What went wrong is that the three branches of fed government were supposed to check each other. The 17th Amendment was a huge blow to us.

The states lost all control over the federal government, save Article V.

The Congress can check the power of the Supreme Court, as can the executive (technically), but neither is doing so.

What if we gave a way for 26 or 30 states to limit jurisdiction of Supreme Court as well?

Also, with Article V, we can get rid of the Department of Education and kill Common Core. As Congress is weak and they just made Common Core the law of the land, Article V is now the only way to get rid of it.

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