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Thursday, July 09, 2015

Candidates Must Address The Real Issues

Most of the Republican presidential candidates are really good at repeating Republican talking points about lower taxes, smaller government, and a strong foreign policy. Unfortunately, few of them want to take on big issues like the Supreme Court decision which threatens to redefine marriage and undermine the family as we have always known it. That gap in presidential stump speeches was filled by an important brief filed with the Supreme Court by members of the Republican Party committee on resolutions. This group is responsible for writing official statements about the Party’s fundamental beliefs, goals and objectives. This legal brief notes that the Republican platform has frequently stressed the central importance of the traditional family based on a married husband and wife, because that is the only way to achieve a self-reliant, self-supporting economic unit that minimizes the need for a welfare state.

The fact that GOP presidential candidates do not want to talk about the real issues is a mystery. After all, the people who write and approve the party platform are the same delegates who will nominate the candidates for president and vice president. A presidential candidate who wants to be seen as a strong and effective leader should not avoid the problem that five unelected judges may redefine a fundamental relationship which is even older than our Constitution. We want a candidate who is tough enough to defeat both Hillary Clinton, ISIS, and the bad policies pushed by the Progressives.

Unfortunately, the Republican “donor class” and those high-priced consultants who led the party down to defeat in the last two presidential elections are back again giving their same losing advice. What those big donors and strategists do not seem to realize is that Republican policies to cut the national budget and debt can happen only if we honor the traditional family as the indispensable foundation of a free society.

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