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Monday, July 13, 2015

Questions To Ask The 2016 Candidates

The Republican Establishment prematurely declared Jeb Bush a virtual shoo-in for the 2016 presidential nomination. So far, they have pumped his campaign with an estimated 100 million dollars. But many concerned voters are wondering where he really stands on the issues, and what questions they need to be asking as they try to make an informed decision. In the spirit of preparing for the primaries, I’ve assembled a few questions that presidential candidates should be prepared to answer.

Immigration is a hot-button issue for many voters. Candidates should give their views on whether immigration should be limited in order to protect American jobs and wages, or should immigration be expanded to provide more low-wage workers for businesses to hire. Candidates should also tell us whether they will rescind Obama’s executive amnesty and tell illegal aliens to return to their home countries. On the subject of education, will the candidates pledge to use the powers available to the president to cancel the use of Common Core in public schools and restore local control of education?

All candidates say they support jobs and the economy, although Democrats complain more about “inequality” while Republicans stress “economic growth.” All candidates should be required to demonstrate in detail just how their plans for taxes and spending will actually improve our growth rate, and reduce our national debt and deficit. Republicans candidates are often asked if they believe in the so-called “science” of global warming. A better question is whether candidates think we should try to reduce the earth’s temperature by forcing everyone to reduce energy use and potentially damage the economic growth on which human life depends. These are a few of the major questions which should be asked of all candidates.

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