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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Red counties have more intact families

Anti-family advocates sometimes argue that liberal states have lower divorce rates than states with better church attendance. But it turns out that this effect disappears under a more refined analysis. The NY Times reports:
I recently wrote about a new report on family structure, which argued that some red states had a higher share of intact families (with children living with both of their parents) than many people realized. Nationwide, blue states still have a higher average share of intact families, because divorce tends to be lower in blue states. But because some red states have higher than average marriage rates and lower out-of-wedlock birthrates, the gap was relatively small. ...

With the county data, the overall blue-state advantage disappears: Teenagers are more likely to live with both of their parents in red counties than in blue.
Red states like California have such a broad mix of cultures that state averages are not so meaningful.

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