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Monday, July 06, 2015

Where Are The Feminists When You Need Them?

In her new book “Adios America,” Ann Coulter gives hundreds of specific examples of major crimes committed by illegal immigrants and, in particular, crimes against very young women and girls. She shows the devious ways the media conceal the fact that horrendous women-targeted crimes are committed by illegals whom our government should never have let into our country in the first place. Where are the feminists when we need them to shout about the real “war on women”? Why are they not shouting about the danger that illegal immigrants pose to the women and girls of America?

The media cover-up does not conceal merely the nationality of these criminals or the frequency of their crimes. The media cover-up also conceals the depravity of these crimes, many of which are so horrific that I cannot describe them in this broadcast. Ann Coulter’s book quotes scores of news reports describing the crimes committed by aliens against U.S. citizens, but somehow the news reports consistently fail to mention that the criminal was an alien. A typical headline might read: “Man wanted for Raping Eleven-Year-Old Girl.” The news story never uses the word “immigrant” but describes the criminal only as a “man,” or “a 26-year-old man.”

The feminists have been crying for years about how supposedly all they want is for women to be safe and live up to their full potential. If this were really true, why are the feminists so eager to allow dangerous rapists and murderers near American women by supporting illegal immigration? The fact is, the feminist goal is not safety for women. Feminists carry on their own war on women to demean women who choose the career path of homemaker. Americans need to stop believing feminist propaganda. Allowing a flood of immigrants into our country will demean American women and subject many of them to the way women are badly treated in many other countries.

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