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Friday, August 07, 2015

Hillary’s Plan To Win In 2016

Many voters have become disillusioned with the Democratic Party after eight years of the Obama White House. Because of this, Hillary is seeking to widen her support by allowing groups to vote that are not currently eligible to vote. She is reaching out for support among non-citizens, anyone who cannot prove identity, citizenship, or residence within his voting precinct, and even felons. She plans to line up millions of new voters by expanding dangerous practices of same-day registration and early voting, which enable Democrats to badger, bribe, or bamboozle low-information voters to the polls. Democratic Party and union workers identify reluctant voters and harass them until the party worker verifies that they have actually cast their ballots.

Federal law provides that voting in federal elections take place in even years on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, known as “Election Day.” Just as no member of a jury should vote on guilt or innocence until all the evidence has been presented at a trial, voters should not cast their ballots before political campaigns are over. The U.S. Constitution requires that the delegates to the Electoral College cast their ballots for President on the same day. Many states continue to adhere to the tradition of Election Day being on one day in November, not spread out over the ridiculous 35 days that resulted in a political circus in Ohio in 2012.

The integrity of elections is just as important as the universally accepted rules for jury trials, where jurors are asked to keep their minds open and withhold judgment until after closing arguments. Spreading out voting over an extended period of a month or more makes it impractical for poll watchers to monitor the voting for fraud. We all need to be more vigilant than ever to maintain the integrity of the American election process.

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