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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Matloff on Trump and foreign engineers

California professor Norman Matloff has a blog where he details the harm from foreign engineers and H-1B workers to Americans. He describes himself as a liberal Democrat, but praised Donald Trump and other Republicans on this issue.

He also complains that Trump may softened his position by saying:
When foreigners attend our great colleges & want to stay in the U.S., they should not be thrown out of our country … I want talented people to come into this country — to work hard and to become citizens. Silicon Valley needs engineers, etc.
He says "Someone got to Trump." He also says, "I have been assured privately by two well-connected people that Trump actually did not reverse himself".

It is insulting to argue that America is not able to engineer its own products, and Matloff shows that it is completely false. All these immigration programs are just to bring in cheap labor for big companies, and they put American college graduates out of work. I am not sure if Trump fully understands this issue, but he has sure brought attention to the issue.

Matloff says:
Trump’s proposals for handling illegal immigration are vintage Trump, some sensible, some off-the-wall, but on H-1B, the man gets an A+. I’ve never seen any politician, even Tom Tancredo, put up such an effective platform as Trump has. He decries that most of the visas go to the bottom two (out of four) wage levels in the legal requirements for H-1B, recognizing that the unrealistic prevailing wage law is at the heart of the problem. He insists that employers be required to give hiring priority to Americans. Most important to me is that, at least as stated, these provisions would go a long way to stem the visa abuse by not only the “Infosyses” (rent–a-programmer firms) but also the Intels, who are just as culpable. One nice added touch: He refers to pro-H-1B Senator Rubio as “Mark Zuckerberg’s personal senator.” :-)

Trump says in his platform what no other politician, including Sanders, is willing to say: Immigration is great in sensible quantities, but in its present form, both legal and illegal, it’s hammering the lower and middle classes.
This is Trump's most specific policy position, and other politicians should learn from it.

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