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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

2016 Candidates and Education

Education has become a critical issue for 2016 presidential candidates. Even Donald Trump, in his speech at Trump Tower announcing his candidacy, made a point of declaring that “Common Core is a disaster. Education has to be local.” But Jeb Bush, whose foundation took millions from Bill Gates and Pearson to promote Common Core, remains unmoved by grassroots opposition. Two years ago, Jeb insulted parents concerned about Common Core as people who are “comfortable with mediocrity.” Jeb actually praised the heavy-handed federal role in public education by saying, “I think Secretary Duncan and President Obama deserve credit for putting pressure on states, providing carrots and sticks. I think that’s appropriate.” Bush doesn’t realize is that Secretary Duncan’s and President Obama’s practice of trying to strong-arm states into accepting ridiculous Common Core standards is totally inappropriate.

In the 2016 election, Americans must hold the candidates accountable for their views on education. Candidates should be asked where they stand on the Every Child Achieves Act and the Student Success Act, which try to replace No Child Left Behind with more legislation that removes local control from schools. Candidates should be asked if they support schools controlled by parents, or if they favor schools that are bound by Common Core’s obnoxious standardized tests.

Education should not be pushed to the back burner in the 2016 election. Eagle Forum knows that the quality of education that our students receive fundamentally determines the future of America. Because of this, we have created a “STOP Common Core Pledge” so that voters will know who will stand up against bad policies in education. We need a president and Congress who will oppose any attempt to reauthorize a federal role in public education.

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