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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Clintons started leftist smear organization

The NY Times has an audio review trashing David Brock's latest book. They could not figure out the meaning of either the title or the subtitle. Apparently the book's main thesis is that the NY Times is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy that controls the American news media. I have not read the book.

David Brock for writing some journalist exposes of some Democrat icons, and then changing orientation and founding the leftist Media Matters for America. That site monitors Eagle Forum, and posts a complaint whenever it is offended by something.

The big reveal of the book review [at 22:00] was that Brock's organization, Media Matters, was actually secretly founded and funded by Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Wow. The Clintons are famous for arranging smears from their agents, but this is a surprise to me.

Since Brock monitors this site, we may hear from him if he alleges an inaccuracy. He is certainly welcome to leave a comment.

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