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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Think About The Facts

The 2015 Eagle Forum Collegians Summit in July featured a number of top conservative speakers, including congressmen, authors, and reporters. One of the speakers was Representative Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, who challenged the young people in attendance to think critically about their political beliefs and choose their beliefs based on facts, rather than what the education establishment or the politicians tell them to believe. As he put it “Think about the facts, and the consequences of these facts.” The message that Representative Perry gave is the same message that I have given since I first published “A Choice, Not An Echo” in 1964. Just like in 1964, the Republican Party is at a critical point that will ultimately determine the direction of Party and our nation for years to come. Will the American people be given a real choice of candidates, or just another echo of the Democratic Party? Young people like those who attended the Collegians Summit can play a vital role in the answer to that question.

Young people who are in the process of forming their political beliefs need to look at the facts when they decide where they stand on the issues. Many students want to do that, but are misled by liberal college professors that give students their personal revisionist views of American history and political theory. When students are told about the Republican Party, real conservatives are often portrayed as extremists while favor is shown to the RINOs, that stands for Republicans In Name Only. That is why Eagle Forum sponsors events like the annual Collegians Summit. Our Summit exposes students to successful conservative speakers and gives them the opportunity to network with fellow grassroots conservatives. Efforts such as Eagle Forum Collegians Summit are what conservatives need to train up a generation of young people who will stand against the liberalism of the establishment.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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