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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crimes of the Educators: A Must-Read Book

A new book by the late Samuel L. Blumenfeld and journalist Alex Newman explains most everything that is wrong with American Education. The book is Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children. Blumenfeld and Newman say that “socialist utopians have been responsible for inflicting more pain on the human race than adherents to any other political philosophy.” These utopians are very influential going strong in the realm of education.

The authors present a compelling case against the utopian educators in America. Socialist radical ideas have been implanted throughout our children’s education, teaching them the collectivist spirit that shuns competition and individual hard work. The proven phonics method of reading has been destroyed as “old fashioned and outdated” and replaced with memorization and guessing rather than learning to actually read. Math skills are in a shambles. Progressives are teaching our kids the “radical new values” from United Nations about going “green” and accepting a cradle-to-grave management of our eco-system.

Sex outside of marriage is promoted and encouraged. If we don’t trust the system to teach our kids how to read, why on earth would we let them teach our kids about sex?

Blumenthal and Newman tell us, “If there is any bright side to the whole battle over Common Core, it is that parents are becoming increasingly suspicious of both the education establishment and the politicians who finance it with even-larger amounts of taxpayer money.” It’s not too late for Americans to heed these warnings and to take steps to change education. We must accept the mandate to “convert our atheistic schools into Godly schools where the Bible is revered as America’s spiritual foundation.”

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