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Friday, October 23, 2015

Even the Calendar Is For Indoctrination

At the NEA convention in August, teachers were given colorful school calendars created by the union’s campaign called “Read Across America.” The calendar is titled “Read, Discover, Explore” and it claims to celebrate a “Diverse nation of readers.” One unfortunately diverse characteristic in our schools is that some kids can read and many others cannot. What is the NEA doing about this, you might ask? They certainly are not using a strong, proven, phonics-based program for all students. Instead, they divide even the youngest Americans into subgroups according to race, heritage, sexual identity, and ideology.

The NEA Read Across America Calendar’s message to teachers says, “Our students need to see themselves in the books they read.” While the priority should be that students know how to read, literacy is not what this calendar is about. A calendar suggestion for September is that students write and illustrate stories from “their own culture,” completely missing the point that American students’ culture is American and it is advantageous for them to assimilate. December’s book is A Boy and A Jaguar, about efforts to protect big cats around the world and condemning evil humans who kill animals.

In June, the NEA Calendar celebrates Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender pride month. The featured book is Not Every Princess, published by the American Psychological Association, which includes “strategies to help children imagine, play, and envision themselves beyond the limited roles and expectations that gender stereotypes create.” The United Nations International Youth Day is on the NEA calendar, but Christmas is nowhere to be found.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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