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Monday, October 05, 2015

Explaining support for Trump

Russian-American Libertarian law professor Ilya Somin writes in a USA Today op-ed:
Despite some recent stumbles in his campaign, the most dramatic development of the 2016 presidential race has been the meteoric ascent of Donald Trump to the status of front-runner for the Republican nomination. Trump’s rise is a particularly blatant example of a much deeper problem at the heart of modern democracy: widespread voter ignorance.

Trump’s success so far is in large part the result of an almost perfect storm of political ignorance.
He is a big advocate of open borders, and his main argument is that people who are against immigration are too stupid to appreciate the benefits of unlimited immigration. Furthermore, he complains that much of the support for Donald Trump comes from middle class voters, and not from the more educated rich businessmen who profit from importing cheap labor.

Somin is a good example of libertarians living in a fantasy world where everyone is a libertarian sharing his elitist values.

Support for Trump can be explained by 3 things: he believes in America first, he wants to limit immigration, and he has a backbone.

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