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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Iran Deal Issues

President Obama’s deal with Iran is coming under attack from all sides. Countries in the Middle East, including our ally Israel, have come out against the deal because of the threat that Iran would pose to them with nuclear weapons. Conservative Americans are against the deal because of the nuclear weapon issue and also because of the economic impact of lifting sanctions on Iran. Even Democrats are starting to break party lines and come out against the deal because of the danger that it will pose to America and the world. Clearly, everyone can see that the deal has serious flaws and we should have sent somebody who knows how to negotiate.

In addition to Obama’s Iran deal disobeying the rules in the U.S. Constitution about treaty ratification, and in addition to the dangerous and unacceptable risk that Iran might develop a nuclear weapon, the deal gives Iran plenty of money to challenge the United States in missiles and space weapons. Iran has already launched four satellites into space capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

Ambassador Henry F. Cooper, who was in charge of missile defense and space arms control in the Reagan and first Bush administrations, has warned that Iran’s satellites have already been launched over the South Pole, which means they can hit the United States from our undefended south. Cooper warns that a nuclear explosion in space could produce an electromagnetic pulse which could cause the North American electric-power grid, which sustains human life as we know it, to shut down for an indefinite period of time. The controversy surrounding the Iran deal puts America in a more dangerous position than ever before. We should never let Obama loose on the world stage because he betrays American security and ignores the constitutional limitations that are designed to defend us.

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