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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Political Correctness Endangers Servicemen and Women

The feminists are still chasing their so-called “gender equality,” even when that equality puts both women and men in serious danger. The integration of women in the armed forces has become a focus for top-ranking military officials, not because women bring any advantage to combat situations, but because of the political correctness that feminists demand. One has only to look at the facts to see that women in combat roles pose a serious risk to the women themselves and to the servicemen around them.

Simply put, women cannot meet the physical requirements necessary for combat roles. In a recent class of Marine-officer combat training recruits, all 45 of the hand-picked, highly fit women were unable to complete the program. A study conducted by Dr. William Gregor of the U.S. Army’s School of Advanced Military Studies concluded that “The Army’s own research indicates that the vast majority of women do not possess the requirements for very heavy military occupational specialties.” Unfortunately, the military assigns women to these special combat units anyway. They make this possible by lowering the physical standards that women have to meet. In some cases women are even exempt from certain particularly rigorous standards. Recently, ninety female Marines were allowed to pass the infantry course for enlisted personnel, but only by suspending the requirement of 3 pull-ups because the majority of the women could not do it.

This double standard completely misses the point of having a military. Combat survivability should be determined by their ability to perform the physical tasks necessary to kill enemies, complete missions, and survive. There is no room for political correctness when the lives of our soldiers are at stake.

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