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Monday, October 26, 2015

The NEA is a Left-Wing Social Justice Organization

The Orlando, Florida NEA Assembly removed any doubt this year that the National Education Association is really a leftwing social justice organization. Educating students takes a back seat to the union goals of changing societal values and government regulations to reflect what the NEA thinks they should be. Some of their many goals include promoting the radical gay rights agenda, climate change activism, UN globalism, sex education and abortion rights, unlimited immigration, and a host of other liberal, progressive agenda items.

In her opening speech as NEA union President, Lily Eskelsen Garcia said, “We truly, truly are the NEA. We are the rabble-rousers. We are the activists.” She spoke about her first-time experience as a delegate to the convention, saying “I had this sense: we’re going to do something important. The people in this room are going to come together and something will be better for someone else’s child.” That’s a grand sentiment, but unfortunately most of what the NEA does and believes in doesn’t translate into making anything “better” for our children.

Promoting social justice themes was a major subject at the NEA Convention last July. One resolution says “the NEA will use its communication tools to highlight examples of NEA members who incorporate social justice into their teaching practice or community engagement.” NEA Executive Director John Stocks told the delegates “I’ve been an organizer all my life. I’ve been a part of progressive causes and social justice organizing my entire career.”

He specifically praised groups like Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, and the like. This leaves us no doubt that the NEA is not out to educate our kids, but to force social-justice ideas down the throats of American families.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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