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Friday, October 02, 2015

The NEA’s “Shaming” Tactics

It is no secret that the National Education Association has a clear left-wing agenda for what teachers teach our children. It should come as no surprise that history teachers are being told to downplay America’s rich history in favor of a shame narrative. The NEA’s New Business Item B, considered so important that it passed unanimously at the annual NEA convention in Orlando, declares that “we acknowledge the existence in our country of institutional racism” which “manifests itself in our schools.” The delegates called for joining with like-minded groups, “particularly in areas of cultural competence, diversity, and social justice in order to address institutional racism.” This is what Dinesh D’Souza calls “the shame narrative” of American history, famously advocated by the bestselling leftwing writer Howard Zinn. This skewed portrayal presents American history as a story of oppression by the white Europeans who allegedly stole the country from Indians, Africans, and Mexicans. This false view of our heritage is certainly not something that we want our children and grandchildren to be taught.

Every presidential candidate should to have a position paper on how best to reform public education. These views will have a huge impact on how the candidates are seen by the voters. But even with very good ideas for reform, the future president must still depend on teachers in the classroom. Unfortunately, most teachers pay dues to a union whose policies are fundamentally opposed to what parents and the public want children to learn. There can be no positive change in America’s public schools as long as teachers unions have the power to collect mandatory dues from the leaders.

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