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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Women’s Role In The Military

High-ranking military officials are succumbing to pressure from feminist groups to assign women to combat roles in the military, despite ample evidence that co-ed units put both women and the men at risk. Officers in the military understand that the influence of political correctness is so strong that speaking honestly about the problems of women in combat can mean the end of a man’s career. Former Marine Jude Eden wrote in the Military Review that “Feminism and political correctness are so prevalent in the military that men trip over themselves trying to ensure that they do not offend. Military men cannot afford to even think the truth that women are not as strong and athletic as men.”

One of the arguments that feminists use most is that women are already dying in combat zones, so it’s only fair to formalize what they are doing. There is no question that the 144 servicewomen who have made the supreme sacrifice in combat zones since 9/11 should be honored. However, it would not honor these women to increase the chance that other servicemen and women will also die as well. Being killed by a crash or by an explosion is not the same as surviving physically-demanding combat patrols while carrying packs of 60 to 140 pounds. As Jude Eden put it, “Being in a combat zone, dangerous as it is, is still worlds away from the door-kicking offensive missions of our combat units.” Although a willingness to die for one’s country is a noble and necessary condition for being an effective combat soldier, it is certainly not the only condition. Combat roles require the ability to project combat power, kill the enemy, and survive to fight another day. Women do not have these abilities to the extent that men do. The role of women in the military should not be determined by what is politically correct but rather how effective women can be at real combat jobs.

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