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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Bad Two For One

Voters may not know what they are getting if they vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. While they may think that they are getting the first female president, they may actually be getting a third term co-presidency of Bill and Hillary. In the 1992 presidential race, Bill Clinton openly boasted that a vote for him would be “two for the price of one,” clearly in reference to Hillary’s own success as a corporate lawyer and her intended role in his administration. Indeed, Hillary’s role as First Lady was much greater than any First Lady before her. It was, for all intents and purposes, a co-presidency.

This broad power was most clearly seen when she championed a bill for universal healthcare nicknamed Hillarycare. It was the predecessor to Obamacare and became an embarrassing defeat for the Democrats. Hillary also used her co-presidential powers to save her husband from the many scandals that surrounded his administration. She is credited with coining the infamous phrase “vast right-wing conspiracy” to describe Republicans who were supposedly “out to get” Bill in the Lewinsky scandal. She has never had any trouble getting herself into scandals either. She was right in the middle of the Whitewater scandal in addition to her current email server scandal.

Because of the co-presidential nature of the first Clinton presidency, why should voters expect anything different from a second Clinton presidency? Any co-presidential authority like we saw in the 1990s could be called a violation of the 22nd Amendment’s limit on presidential terms. To have Hillary in the White House will mean more feminism, more liberal policies, and more scandals from both Hillary and Bill. Voters need to be aware that a vote for Hillary is not just a bad vote; it’s two bad votes for the price of one.

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