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Friday, November 20, 2015

France is wise to close its borders

A NY Times op-ed starts:
The first thing France did after last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris was to temporarily close its borders. It was a wise move. The attacks showed just how unsafe Europe has become as a result of the European Union’s open border policies and decades of foolish decisions by governments across the Continent to open their doors to mass immigration from Islamic countries.

Mass immigration changes countries beyond recognition. Ordinary people are well aware of that. In 2008, before the current crisis, a poll in the Netherlands already showed that a majority of Dutch citizens considered the importation of huge numbers of immigrants to be the biggest mistake in their country’s postwar history.

Unfortunately, there is a tendency among political elites to distrust the opinions of ordinary people.
Wondering what American could have so much sense? The author is a Dutch politician who has been banned from England and put on trial in the Netherlands for expressing such views.

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