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Monday, November 09, 2015

Republican are against sensible child support reforms

Dalrock blogs about Christian marriage from a man's view, and writes:
Modern women’s enthusiasm for divorce is hardly a well kept secret**. If you are looking at media aimed to women, divorce empowerment is a staple. This is quite literally a shameless obsession. ...

Yet change the context to the cost of broken families, and suddenly everyone knows that men are running away from commitment. This is especially important when it comes to conservative backing for child support. In 2005 Phyllis Schlafly laid out what should be the standard conservative position on a government program designed to destroy families ...

Yet Schlafly is an extreme outlier among conservatives on this topic. Conservatives are the strongest backers of the child support system, and this is due to a deeply held belief that broken families are caused by men who aren’t willing to stick around and raise their kids. This belief is so strong that conservatives end up taking very unconservative positions on the family. Instead of opposing a law that creates perverse incentives to break up families, they enthusiastically support it. Instead of supporting marriage, they support the system designed to replace marriage. Instead of supporting an incentive based structure for production, they are wedded to a crushing soviet style quota system that discourages hard work. ...

President Obama is pushing to stop accruing child support to men who are in prison, since child support is in theory based on a man’s potential earnings. As Instapundit noted, even feminists can see the absurdity of piling on crushing debt to men who aren’t in a position to pay. Yet conservatives love child support, and will fight any changes that don’t make the system stronger
A comment says:
Mrs. Phyllis Schlafly, a Catholic Christian and author of A Choice Not An Echo has always been an extreme outlier among conservatives. That’s because she takes conserving Western civilization, once known as Christendom, seriously.
Yes, unfortunately, many Republicans support many anti-marriage policies like the child support system.

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