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Monday, November 30, 2015

Video Games Cause Women to Gain Weight

There are many good reasons to keep your family away from video games. Video games are addictive and can waste big amounts of time that would be better spent on schoolwork, exercise, or reading the Bible. Many video games are extremely violent in content, which can be disturbing for impressionable minds.

Now there is a new reason for young women to avoid video games. Video game usage by young women is associated with gaining weight, according to a five-year study published recently in the BMC Public Health Journal. This study tracked 2,500 people in Sweden between the ages of 20 and 24, from 2007 to 2012. The women who played video games for more than an hour a day were more likely to gain weight and become obese than other women.

This research also yielded an additional significant revelation. The effect of video games is different on men than on women. Men in the study did not gain any weight from playing video games, but the women in the study did. Women who played more than two hours of video games a day gained an average of 8.2 pounds apiece.

How will feminists try to explain this gender difference between men and women? Actually, this is not the only instance where there is a clear difference between men and women with respect to weight gain. It has long been observed that men tend to gain weight as they become more successful. Donald Trump is an example of a successful businessman who could benefit from shedding a few pounds. Successful women, however, tend to be thin, as in the example of Carly Fiorina. And now we know these women can stay thin by avoiding video games!

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