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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Women Underperform In Combat Study

A nine-month study by the U.S. Marine Corps has concluded once again that all-male combat units are more effective than units comprised of both women and men. The study, called the “Marine Corps Force Integration Plan,” showed that mixed-gender units have twice as many injuries, perform less accurately with infantry weapons, and are less efficient at removing wounded troops from the battlefield. While gender-integrated teams outperformed all-male teams in 2 exercises, all-male groups came out on top in 93 exercises. Simply put, men were proved to be faster, more lethal, and more effective than women in combat roles. They had less trouble negotiating obstacles and evacuating casualties.

This study proves that the facts are once again on the side of the conservatives. Critics try to say that women could perform on the same level as men if they had more training and better leadership. However, the group of Marines chosen for the study were picked specifically because both genders had roughly the same level of training. Nonetheless, feminists and politically-correct politicians continue to demand combat roles for women, despite clear evidence that this action will make combat units less effective and thus put more of our troops at risk. As a previous study concluded: "Risking the lives of a military unit in combat to provide career opportunities or accommodate the personal desires or interests of an individual, or group of individuals, is more than bad military judgment. It is morally wrong." Don’t be fooled by rhetoric about equality and opportunity, studies have shown time and again that the best way to keep our troops safe is by keeping women out of combat roles.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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