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Thursday, December 24, 2015

California Gives Driver’s Licenses to Illegals

Because of a new law that took effect in January, the state of California has issued hundreds of thousands of drivers licenses to illegal aliens. These licenses have accounted for over half of the drivers licenses issued in California this year. The state expects to see a million more illegal immigrants take advantage of the program within the next three years. This will not be funded by the illegals, but by American citizens who pay taxes. While proponents claim that this program will make the roads safer for everyone, it’s really just sending a message to people all over the globe that America will take in anyone who can manage to sneak into our country.

The enormous turnout for this program should make Americans more aware of the millions of illegal immigrants who are already here. These are people who are taking American jobs and using up our resources. They are in our jails and their children are enrolled in our schools. This theft of taxpayer dollars is not something that should be endorsed by the government by issuing them driver’s licenses. If Californian officials are concerned about the safety of their citizens, they would be trying to send these illegals back to their home countries and shutting down all the sanctuary city policies in Californian cities like San Francisco.

These sanctuary cities are a haven for violent criminal aliens like the one that killed Kate Steinle in July. Francisco Sanchez was deported to Mexico five times before killing Steinle after being released by the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department. The best way to make Californians safer is to get the illegals out, not welcome more in. Shielding these illegal aliens from federal authorities and issuing them government identification in the form of driver’s licenses will make California a more unsafe place for everyone living there.

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