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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Legal Immigrants Burden America

The effects of immigration supported by President Obama’s liberal immigration policy can be seen in cities all over the United States. The problem is not just illegal immigrants. Legal immigrants are taking American jobs, affecting American elections, and taking social service dollars paid for by American citizens. One prime example of this is Charlotte, North Carolina. Charlotte’s Hispanic population grew by almost 15 percent between 2010 and 2014. This is more than double the growth rate of whites. In total, the 125,000 Hispanics who live in Charlotte account for 13 percent of the city’s total population. Because many of these people are immigrants who are not well-adjusted to American life, the city has diverted money to fund bilingual job fairs, special pro-immigrant task forces, social service offices that cater specifically to immigrants, and job preparedness programs. All these programs are being offered at the expense of the taxpayers of Charlotte. If these immigrants were so valuable to American society, they would not be a burden on everyone else by using so many social services dollars.

Immigrants who come to America should come because they want to be a part of American culture, not because they want to want to take our benefits. Many of the people who are let into America legally do not even know how to speak English. This not only burdens social services. It also burdens our already struggling public school systems. Schools are having to spend more to have teachers who can communicate with students who do not speak the language taught in the classroom. People should not be allowed to immigrate into this country unless they are able to integrate fully into American life without the assistance of taxpayer handouts. Cities like Charlotte should stop giving money to these unnecessary programs and start putting it to use in a way that will benefit all citizens of the city.

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