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Monday, December 14, 2015

Republican voters reject the donor elites

NPR Radio reports on Trump's success:
DAVID FRUM: I don't believe it any longer makes sense to use the phrase the American people. I think the country is now so divided by class and by ethnicity, it has such different outlooks of optimism or pessimism, depending on where you stand, has either benefited so much from economic growth or failed to benefit that you see radically different expressions everywhere. And Donald Trump, inside the Republican Party, expresses this. ...

the core Republican divide is not between moderates and conservatives, whatever those words mean nowadays. The core Republican divide is that you have a donor elite and a congressional party that are united around lower taxes, entitlement reform and doubling the levels of immigration supported by a voting base that rejects all of those things. And that is why the party is not going to be able to come together.
Yes, the donor elites favor doubling immigration, but they do not own Trump.

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