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Friday, December 04, 2015

Republicans have strong opinions about illegal immigration

The Wash. Post reports:
So if you're the establishment, looking at this and wringing your already well-wrung hands, you wonder what's happening -- how this guy could come in from nowhere and steal your party's heart?

One answer is obvious: Republicans have strong opinions about illegal immigration, and Donald Trump -- intentionally or not -- has made that central to his campaign.

In CNN/ORC's poll, more than half of Republicans think undocumented immigrants should be deported -- a far larger percentage than of Democrats or independents. Among Trump supporters, the number hits two-thirds. That's despite the fact that most Republicans don't think deportation is even possible.
Yes, the answer is obvious, but it is funny that it took the Wash. Post 6 months to figure it out. David Brooks and the NY Times are still trying to figure it out. Many other supposed experts openly complain that they cannot figure out support for Trump.

It seems like a contradiction to say that the illegal aliens should be deported, even tho we are told that it is not possible, but it is not.

According to the polls in the above article, the Republicans are also concerned with the economy, terrorism, foreign policy, and healthcare, in that order. Trump probably cannot solve these problems either. That is, we will continue to have terrorism, but we need to work to fight it and minimize it. But they certainly will not be solved by people who do not even think we will have a problem.

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