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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

The Establishment Looks For Plan B

The Republican Establishment thought they had designed a 2016 presidential nomination process that would make the nominee a business-friend moderate who avoids the so-called social issues. Plan A was to guarantee the nomination of Jeb Bush, whose views perfectly reflect the Republican donor class. But despite months of campaigning, $114 million raised in the first half of the year, and several debates with record-setting television viewership, Jeb Bush is registering only single digits in most polls. The consultants who rewrote the party rules are now trying to explain to their donors what went wrong.

The kingmakers always have Plan B if their first choice stumbles. Back in 1964, Pennsylvania Governor William Scranton was carefully groomed as an alternative who could jump in the race for President after Nelson Rockefeller failed to stop conservative Barry Goldwater. Media speculation has been that Marco Rubio or Chris Christie would be the Establishment’s Plan B in case Jeb Bush failed to gain popular support. But Rubio has been slow to start in Iowa and New Hampshire, Christie has failed to gain any real support at all, and Walker has dropped out completely. It may be that the only alternative left for these would-be kingmakers is the late entry of a new candidate into the race. Indeed, an entirely new candidate could be nominated as late as during the Republican National Convention next summer in Cleveland.

The grassroots must be vigilant to attempts by Republican kingmakers to impose another loser candidate on the American people who cannot win the support of middle class voters. The grassroots are eager for a conservative candidate they can enthusiastically support!

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