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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Islam Immigration Question

It is becoming more and more common in America to hear news about tragic mass shootings. President Obama and his administration use these tragedies to advance an anti-gun agenda, but that will never fix the the root cause of this problem. Many of these shootings have direct ties to Muslim extremists imported from hostile Muslim countries. These extremists do not have to jump over a fence or swim across a river to get to America. Thanks to the Obama Administration’s liberal immigration policies, we let in 100,000 Muslim immigrants legally every year according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Most of the jihadist radicals who cause shootings are actually radicalized after they arrive in America. One recent prominent example of this is Youssef Mohammad Abdulazeez, the perpetrator of the shootings on military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He came to the United States from Kuwait at the age of 6, attended U.S. schools, and was a fully naturalized U.S. citizen. However, when he turned 23 he spent 7 months in Jordan and Yemen, then returned to America a fervent, anti-Western Muslim.

There are dozens of other cases where radicalized followers of Islam have planned or carried out terrorist attacks on American soil, such as the refugee in Idaho from Uzbekistan who was arrested for plotting an attack on military installations, and the immigrant in Texas who planned to kill several servicemen execution-style. If Americans really want to stop these tragic shootings from happening on our soil, it’s time to stop letting in immigrants from hostile Middle Eastern countries. Government has an obligation to protect our own citizens from foreigners who are likely to commit terrorist acts.

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