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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why Are Deportations Decreasing?

Why are deportations of illegal aliens by the Obama Administration decreasing? The Associated Press reports that deportations have dropped to their lowest level since 2006, nearly ten years ago. Since 2012, total deportations have decreased by a whopping 42%.

This is a shocking revelation at a time when there are so many millions of illegal aliens in our country, many of whom commit terrible crimes. Based on government data, the Associated Press estimates the number of illegal aliens here is 11 million people, but the real total is probably higher. Yet Hillary Clinton, campaigning for president, promises to be even “less harsh and aggressive” than Obama has been in enforcing our immigration laws. Deportations typically do not occur until after an illegal alien has committed a serious crime. But why are we waiting until after a crime has occurred before taking action to defend the safety of American citizens?

In 2012 Obama was in a tight race for reelection, and he badly lost the first presidential debate. Polling indicated that he was vulnerable to defeat. To rally his base, Obama indicated that he would cut back on deportations, and he has done precisely that since being reelected. A sharp decline in deportations has continued even in recent fiscal years. Most of the deportations in the last year were of illegal aliens who had first committed serious crimes. We know of 136,700 people who were here illegally and committed a criminal act.

The reason that Obama and Hillary want illegal aliens to stay here is that they expect them to become reliable Democratic voters. But that’s not reason to continue to allow illegals to commit crimes here.

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