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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Antarctica Gains Ice; Global Warming Loses Credibility

Antarctica, the frozen continent at the South Pole, has just dealt another setback to the theory of global warming. Researchers announced, to the dismay of liberals, that Antarctica has actually been gaining ice. This revelation sent shivers through those who have been insisting for two decades that we are somehow in a crisis of global warming. For years, alarmists have blamed an imaginary melting of Antarctic ice for a rise in sea levels. Supposedly our coastal towns have been threatened by a meltdown in Antarctica, which, in fact, has not been occurring after all.

Images of Antarctic ice were taken by satellites and studied by researchers at NASA, the same government agency that runs our space program. The scientists published an article explaining that the size of the Antarctic ice sheet has actually been increasing, not decreasing. The satellite images confirm that “mass gains from snow accumulation exceeded discharge losses” on the massive continent of Antarctica. Satellite data also confirm that the world has not been warming for at least 17 years. Satellite data are more reliable than surface thermometers, which can be easily manipulated.

The left-wingers want to ration energy production so Americans become more dependent on politicians rather than the free market to get our energy. Far more people die each year from cold temperatures than from warm ones, and lack of energy is a big cause of poverty around the world. Many illnesses could be prevented by running water and heat, which depend on the availability of inexpensive energy. The attempt by liberals to control our energy has already cost them support in coal-producing states such as West Virginia, and this new satellite data should help debunk their theory for the rest of the world, too.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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